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The New International Version is used for all biblical references and quotations unless otherwise stated.


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Textbook on Systematic Theology

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Further reading and research

Work at higher degree level expects students to look at up-to-date research indicated by websites, and work found in academic journals and periodicals, e.g., Expository Times, New Testament Studies and Pneuma.

Some academic dissertations which relate to these studies

Petts, D., "Healing and the Atonement", PhD thesis, Nottingham University, 1993.

Ralphs, V., "Miracles in Luke-Acts: A Study of Miracles and Mission in the Lucan Writings", MTh thesis, Nottingham University, 1989.

Diakonia Bible Studies. Charismatic Characters in Acts. Introduction. Abbreviations

These abbreviations are used in the bibliography and lecture notes.

ABC = The Anchor Bible Commentary

AV = The Authorised (or King James) Version of the Bible

BNTC = Black's New Testament Commentary

ET = English translation

EvQ = Evangelical Quarterly

ExT = Expository Times

ICC = International Critical Commentary

IVP = Inter-Varsity Press

JSNT = Journal for the Study of the New Testament

LXX = The Septuagint

MS = manuscript (MSS = manuscripts)

NIV = The New International Version of the Bible

NCC = New Century Commentary

NIBC = New International Biblical Commentary

NIGTC = New International Greek Testament Commentary

NT = New Testament

NTS = New Testament Studies

OT = Old Testament

RSV = Revised Standard Version of the Bible

TNT = Tyndale New Testament Commentary

Note the textbooks that feature in the lecture footnotes.

Diakonia Bible Studies. Charismatic Characters in Acts. Introduction.

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