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This site is especially prepared for those called to a Christian preaching or teaching ministry. However, it will serve and help any who are called upon to share thoughts on the Scriptures. Many churches and chapels in small localities depend on what is termed 'lay' ministry.

The Preacher's Call
This page considers the call of God, and the fact that he is still calling people to special ministries within the Church. As Ephesians says, "[Christ] gives some to be apostles, some to be prophets, some to be evangelists, and some to be pastors and teachers" (Eph.4:11).

Sermon Appreciation
Every generation tries to undermine preachers and preaching. This article underlines the importance of preaching as a means of divine inspiration and communication.

Sermon Preparation
This is the 'How To' page. How does one prepare a sermon? Where do we start? Advice is shared in a full article.

Sermon Construction
This article deals with sermon forms - and there are quite a number! It contains lots of ideas and practical advice.

Sermon Introduction and Conclusion
The beginning and ending of any sermon is obviously important. In the first instance we aim to capture a congregation's interest; and then we seek to apply the message.

Sermon Illustration
Illustrations can illuminate sermons and give an edge to their application.

Sermon Communication
Standing before a congregation can be an intimidating experience. This page offers positive advice that will feed confidence.

The Preacher's Tools
Books are an essential part of a preacher's ministry.

Preaching and Projectors
Many preachers are now using modern means to support and illustrate their sermons. This articles contains some wise do's and don'ts.

Sermon Outlines
This page makes sermon suggestions for special occasions.

Sermon Questions
Every preacher should aim to be his or her best for God. Here is an evaluation sheet for personal or group use.

Three Study or Sermon Outlines
These three sermon outlines illustrate a preacher's notes on three Gospel subjects. Together they could be reproduced on two-sides of A4 paper as Bible Study notes.

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