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"Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord" (Col.3:23).

This checklist provides a means of evaluating sermons. You can use it in a church training programme, or as a means of self-examination.


Did the speaker dress suitably for the occasion?

Gaining attention
1. Did the speaker make a positive start?
2. Did the speaker gain the attention of the congregation?
3. Was the title or subject of the sermon clearly stated?

Biblical exposition
1. What was the biblical text or passage?
2. Did they indicate the purpose of the text and sermon?
3. Did the speaker show an initial understanding of the text and its context?

Making a transition
1. Was the introduction short and interesting?
2. Was it clear, simple and understandable?
3. Was there a clear, smooth transition from the introduction to the main body of the sermon? Were the two aspects linked?


Congregational response
Was the congregation attentive at this time?

The speaker's communication
1. Did the speaker speak clearly?
2. Did they use good English? (Check grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.)
3. Did he/she use their voice well? (Check variety of volume, pitch, modulation and speed.)
4. Was there good eye contact?
5. Was the speaker's facial expression pleasant?
6. Did the speaker use their hands well?
7. Were there any distracting mannerisms or nervous habits?

The sermon's construction
1. Did the sermon have a logical train of thought?
2. Was the sermon well structured?
3. Did the sermon contain helpful illustrations?
4. Were the illustrations used well? E.g., they were relevant and not too long.
5. Was the Bible used to support arguments and illustrate points?
6. Was there unnecessary overlapping or repetition of thoughts and phrases?
7. Was the sermon applied practically?

The speaker's inspiration
1. Did the sermon indicate a sense of dedicated preparation?
2. Was the sermon inspiring?
3. Was the sermon too long?


What was the atmosphere of the meeting at this time?

Concluding with purpose
1. Was the sermon fairly brief and to the point?
2. Was there an adequate summary of main points?
3. Was there adequate application of biblical truths?

Waiting on the Lord
1. Was there spiritual perception and sensitivity in the closing application?
2. Was adequate time given for a spiritual response from the congregation?
3. In the final analysis was there a sense of God saying and doing something?

General evaluation
1. Was the speaker's appearance, sermon and sermon delivery acceptable?
2. What was the congregational response to the sermon?
3. Would you recommend the speaker for further ministry?

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